Special Coupons! Only Available online


特典① Free Early Check-in

■ You can check in at 2 PM. (Normally 3 PM)

■ Extra time to unpack your luggage or rest


特典② Free Late Check-out

■ You can check out at 11 AM. (Normally 10 AM)

■ You can sleep in and have more time to relax!


特典③ Free Rental of Induction Cooker and Cook Ware

■ You can rent an induction cooker for free during your stay. (Normally 300 yen per day)

■ Includes cook ware (pot, pan, cutting board, knife etc.)


About Coupons

※ Please make sure to write in the comment section which coupon you will be using when booking your room. If no coupon is selected, the special offer will not be applied.

※ Only valid when booking on our official website.

※ Cannot exchange coupons for cash.   

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